The Longest Word in Print

The longest word in print in the English language is a behemoth. At 2,087,214 letters, I won’t be reprinting it here. It starts off “Babyoubiquitous”… and ends in …”oiletub”.

It is a word printed in author Nigel Tomm’s “The Blah Story, Vol. 10” and it supposedly means “girl” or “bitch”.

Because of its extremeness, I feel the need to mention it here; however, I questions its validity as a true coinage due to the fact that he himself did not coin it; a computer program running an algorithm did. The superword consists of fusing seperate words together, end to end. The last letter of the first word is the first letter of the second word, and so-on.

The book is available at and it can also be downloaded for free at

Would anyone else agree that because he did not coin the word, it lacks validity?


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